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Think big, act globally

Manage your own digital twin

URBIM is for your asset. URBIM is for you

Integrate your information and be more efficient

Integrate your information, be more efficient

Connect with your world

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The platform that integrates all your information, allowing you to create and manage your own 3D Digital Twin.

URBIM is an integrating platform of software, applications, databases, etc, that allows you to create and manage your own 3D Digital Twin , regardless of the level of digital information that your have about your asset.
Urbim Workflow (November 2023) _BIM to Digital Twin

“What is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured can not be improved. What is not improved, always degrades”

 William Thomson, Lord Kelvin

Centralize all the information in real time coming from different software or databases to turn your assets into Digital Twins without having great technical knowledge. URBIM makes it easy to work with data and streamlines the inclusion of your properties in a single digital environment, in a transparent and collaborative way.


Reduce your emissions and carbon footprint


Reduce your operational and maintenance costs


Increases the productivity of everyone involved

With URBIM, its easier.

Integrate your Data and Solutions

URBIM allows you to integrate existing platforms and data environments so as not to change the way the team or the company works.

Facility management, inventory, sensor data, CRM and ERP, GIS, public or private databases: All linked to geopositioned elements of your city and/or building.

A digital twin of an asset is an exact digital replica of a physical object or system that captures data in real time.
With URBIM, your 3D model will become a digital twin in a simple and agile way.

With URBIM, you set the limit:

Real Estate Asset Digital Twin

The digital twin of a building is a digital replica of the building or property that can include detailed information about its design, structure, materials, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, among others.

Urban Digital Twins

They replicate a city, territory or an aspect of them and are used to plan and optimize transport, energy, water and waste among other urban aspects.

Choose the plan that you need

Free 4U Module

  • Project management by location, type and company
  • Task Management for functionalities by roles
  • Analysis panels
  • Data storage cloud service
  • Export reports and analysis panels
  • Filter Selection

Inventory Module

Free 4U Module


  • Space and inventory management
  • Generation of custom subcategories
  • Create and Delete management elements
  • Creation of incident report
  • Record of rooms and product sheets
  • Exportable stock control

Maintenance Module

Free 4U Module


  • Generation and management of incidents according to specific roles
  • Centralized Incident Management and Inventory of FM Incident Traceability
  • Creation and management of assets not included in the BIM model

Essential pack

Free 4U Module


Inventory Module


Maintenance Module

BETA Módules

  • Sensor module: Connect your data sources and analyze your data in real time.
  • Parking module: Do you want to try the advantages of Libelium’s smart parking  and its connection through Fiware?  Enter and place some example sensors and see how your model behaves.
  • Building to rent : Space and housing management. Connect to your CRM, ERP and BMS to have a global vision and offer the latest data to your customers.

Personalized developments

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We help you with everything you need

  • Project data collection
  • Project modeling
  • Connections of interest to your company
  • Customized developments
  • Tailor-made functionalities (Mobility, Tourism, Capacity management, guided tours, waste management…)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my 3D models?

Of course, URBIM allows importing 3D models from creators of different platforms. It is not a design software, it is a platform that will allow you to create and manage your digital twin. For now, you will be able to work with native Autodesk Revit files , uploaded from BIM 360, Autodesk Docs or from your local folder. Soon you will be able to upload new file formats.

Is the data in real time?

Yes, because they are integrated with the platforms that are collecting them. So if you have a data source, URBIM can integrate it through an API or SDK. For URBIM, collaboration is the key, so any modification made by a user will be seen immediately by the rest of the users.

Can I import my data?

Sure, URBIM will generate a data entry form so you can upload your data anytime through an API or simpler formats such as .geoJson, .csv or .xls.

Does it connect with my apliccations?

Yes, URBIM´s ecosystem of connections is constantly growing and we are sure that your tools are among them. If not, you can email us anytime and we will help meet your needs.

Is there a mobile application?

Not currently, but we know that URBIM is going to be a key piece in real world connection, digital world connection and the metaverse.

Are there any manuals that can be accessed?

Of course, in URBIM we work to make your day to day life easier, you will find manuals and you will find more help inside the platform.

URBIM Manuals to make your life easier