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URBIM is a SaaS platform that integrates data and other platforms that allows you to create and operate Digital Twins of different types of assets.  Due to the fact that its technology is transversal to multiple industries and that its capacity for growth in the market is very great, URBIM has structured this Partners Program. This program will allow us to better identify the Partner, for the right vertical, in each territory, and thus be able to grow together in an orderly and clear way.

The purpose of this document is to define the requirements to become a partner, the definition of a territory, the most marketable verticals, and the conditions and commitments of the two parties so that each of them focuses on helping the other to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.


There are different forms of sales within URBIM, all of them contemplated under the Partner program and always being URBIM SERVICES.

  1. Module Licensing (B2C & B2B Mode)*

Annual/monthly licensing mode in SaaS mode of what already exists developed in URBIM

  1. Developments IN

URBIM, as a development company, will offer its Partners and customers the possibility of developing tailor-made solutions under specific projects.

In these developments, the solutions will be put into licensing mode after the completion of the project for the client.

There is also the option of developing functionalities connected to the rest of the URBIM platform under a specific project

  1. Developments OUT

There is also the option of integrating URBIM into third-party solutions, so the integration of URBIM technology will be considered under a specific project.

The associated ACTIVITIES, which are not URBIM SERVICES, but which due to the nature of the solution may be necessary for the client, such as consultancy, data collection, analysis of the client’s situation, training, BIM modeling, etc. which will remain as Partner activities.

If any of these ACTIVITIES (BIM modelling, data collection, etc.) have to be carried out by URBIM, it will be under the services of a project.


Taking into account that URBIM is a technologically complex product and that the Digital Twin market is in its earliest stages, it is important to be able to identify those Partners that in some way have already gone through the process of selling this type of platform and have the ability to scale sales quickly. You also need to have a presence in the territory and have a solid customer base in the specific vertical(s) you intend to address.

With this in mind, the minimum requirements to be part of the URBIM Partner Network are the following:

  1. Have a physical presence in the territory
  2. Have proven experience in selling SaaS* or SaaS*in the chosen vertical or verticals
  3. Have the commercial capacity to face the chosen market autonomously
  4. Ability to support customers locally
  5. Adhere to the training program and comply with continuing education certificates by salespeople and technical staff
  6. Have a proven database of customers in your chosen vertical(s)
  7. Have the ability to carry out a market study of the territory and selected vertical(s)
  8. Adhere to URBIM’s Compliance Policy


The definition of the territory will be made together with the Partner candidate, and will be based on the latter’s ability to face sales with guarantees. This will allow URBIM to  approach its growth in a more agile way, without limitations.

A territory must have the following characteristics:

  • It must be the result of a sufficiently large market study so that the Partner can make a profit and allow it to grow in a sustainable way. We are not looking for Partners who use URBIM as a hook to sell other products, without selling URBIM as a product/developments.
  • The territory must be delimited by at least one administrative or territorial unit (municipalities, country, county, province, etc.)
  • The territory must allow the Partner the ability to operate commercially with Spain without limitations and without limiting URBIM‘s ability to operate in other territories
  • The territory must allow the commercialization of URBIM in those languages available on the platform, initially Spanish and English. URBIM will incorporate as many languages as it deems necessary, without this implying an obligation in order to define a territory


Given the transversality of URBIM, several verticals or categories of assets have been defined in order to focus sales strategies and segment marketing actions.

These verticals are broad enough to be interesting to the Partner in the selected territory, and allow for scalable and sustained sales. A Partner will be able to cover more than one vertical if it shows the experience and ability to market and support the territory.

In overlapping verticals, the client’s core industry will take precedence, regardless of whether they may have multiple assets in different verticals.

Currently, the defined verticals are as follows:

  1. Buildings

Clients who manage buildings for rent, ownership, real estate developers, communities of owners, or managers of campuses or building complexes, who are not Public Administrations or whose main activity is not that of any of the other verticals.

  1. Hotels

Clients whose assets are mainly hotels, student residences, multi-family (MF) or Build-to-Rent (BTR) buildings.

  1. Industrial

Factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and processing centers.

  1. Public Administrations

City councils, provincial councils, ministries, public companies and any client belonging to a local, regional, national or supranational administration regulated by the procurement laws of Public Administrations. It includes administrative concessions for roads, airports, ports, etc.

  1. Energy

Energy producing or distributing customers such as photovoltaic plants, refineries, wind turbines, oil and gas extraction wells, thermal power plants, dams and electricity distribution networks.

  1. Data Centers
  2. Sports Facilities

Stadiums and sports facilities that hold events, regardless of whether they are sports.

  1. Mining

Both underground and open-pit mining facilities.


In order to become an URBIM Partner and maintain this condition, the following points must be met:

  • The candidate must fill out the Partner Application where they request to be registered as a Partner for one or more territories and verticals. In this application, you must demonstrate that you meet the basic requirements described in the Requirements section
  • Once the initial application has been approved by URBIM, the candidate will present a Market Study and Business Plan for the territories and verticals, defining the size of the market, the market share, the expected sales for the next three years, a description of commercial actions to be carried out, and an action plan with perfectly measurable KPIs in each quarter.  to which it is committed. One of these KPIs will be the number of licenses sold.
  • URBIM, after evaluating the Market Study and Business Plan prepared by the Partner, may or may not accept the Partner’s adhesion to the program, and may request the review of the KPIs.
  • Once approved, the adhesion contract to the program will be signed, and the Partner will be registered in the URBIM Partners Portal, which the Partner undertakes to use for any action related to the sale and management of customers.
  • The term of the agreement will be 1 year renewable from year to year. During the first year, the Partner will have to submit the agreed KPIs to review on a quarterly basis, and, from the end of the second quarter, URBIM reserves the right to cancel the contract or terminate the relationship, provided that the KPIs have not reached at least 80% in terms of the number of licenses sold. After the first year, the contract will be reviewed at the expiration of the contract, and may be cancelled if the KPIs have not been reached at least 80%, by communicating to the Partner via email. Alternatively, it may be extended along with the payment of a Partner fee to be determined. After the third year, the Partner will have to write a new three-year Sales Plan.
  • The Partner undertakes to certify its salespeople (basic certification by vertical) and to have at least one technically certified collaborator within the Partner portal, in order to provide technical support to its customers.
  • The Partner agrees to purchase at least one set of Administrator and User Enterprise licenses during the term of its Partner status.
  • The Partner undertakes to register any prospective customer in the Partner Portal to be considered a customer of the Partner.
  • The Partner will be responsible for billing its customers and paying URBIM the price of the licenses minus the discount of 25% of the established rate, in Euros, and net after any fees or taxes applied to the sale in the designated territory, and regardless of the currency used to invoice its customers.
  • Likewise, the Partner must transfer the monthly amounts within 30 days after each sale, from a duly identified account and by bank transfer.
  • Training videos provided within the Partner portal may NOT be shown/shared to end customers. The same will not apply to videos/documentation provided for this purpose.



URBIM will be able to provide customers with an online Partner Portal to facilitate training and centralize sales actions. In the Portal, each Partner will have their own area and will be able to manage their salespeople from there.

Specifically, the following actions can be carried out on the Portal:

  • Carry out the training and issue certificates of it, necessary for any salesperson. These trainings will be defined by levels and needs (sales, support and user)
  • Access up-to-date sales and technical documentation by vertical
  • Register a client/opportunity to be assigned to each Partner by URBIM. This requirement will be necessary for URBIM to have traceability between Partners
  • Have access to the Rate Calculator to make immediate offers to potential customers
  • Receive technical support from URBIM
  • Receive newsletters and timely information about URBIM

As time goes by, the portal will connect to the global CRM and make it easier to manage customers and sales.



To enable the joint growth of the Partners and URBIM, the latter commits to the following actions:

  1. Keep the Partner Portal active and up-to-date
  2. Update online training on a regular basis
  3. Webinar or regular update meeting for sales teams
  4. Keep Partners informed of the news of the Platform on a regular basis
  5. Prepare business documents for each vertical, and keep them up-to-date
  6. Maintain an active profile on social media, give visibility to Partners and collaborate with them through joint communications
  7. Provide technical support to Partners in an orderly manner so that they can also provide support to their customers
  8. Share best practices and experiences from other Partners to improve your sales
  9. Provide customers who access the Platform or directly contact URBIM to the Partners, respecting the territories and verticals
  10. URBIM will cede the use of the trademark for the duration of the contract, subject to conditions and standards provided by URBIM within the brand book.