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URBIM, a few days ago, signed an agreement with Ocean Capital Partners (OCP) to be the platform that will manage the port of Malaga, helping OCP to be pioneers in innovation in the port and maritime sector.

Through the agreement signed at the end of October, URBIM, as a data integration platform, will be at the service of OCP teams with digital twins and information hosting servers to improve the profitability and operability of the port, with medium-term benefits in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

This digital twin will be based on a geometric model modeled under the standards of the BIM methodology, which will be the basis of the future digital twin. This model will be the centerpiece, on which many vital layers of information will be available for the management, operation, and maintenance of the port by OCP.

This fact marks a significant change in the maritime industry because it is a new step towards innovation with the application of new technologies to manage operability. According to Sara Blanco, Director of Consulting at OCP, “Logistics has been embracing digitalization for some time now because of the imperative need to improve profitability. It is important to make a competitive difference in freight transport, which is why digitalization is decisive.” Similarly, URBIM President Samir Kayali mentions, “Most assets will soon be using platforms like URBIM to manage their digital twins.”

Nowadays, it is noticeable how BIM models are a more important and key part of business competitiveness, making work scenarios transparent and collaborative. URBIM is the complete tool for managing an asset in any industry, sector, or life cycle.