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Let’s delve into the intricacies of 3D construction with a didactic approach in “Best Practices for BIM Models and Beyond”. In this post, we will not only unveil secrets about strategic development and data connection, but also explore how solutions like URBIM can support elements of different scales and enable information integration even beyond the construction site.

  • Strategic Development: Customization at Different Scales
    Discover how to adapt your BIM models to different scales, enabling effective customization of elements from macro to micro. This strategic approach ensures that every detail is perfectly aligned with the needs of your project.
  • Importance of LOD and LOI: Levels of Detail for All Scales
    Dive into the importance of Level of Development (LOD) and Level of Information (LOI) not only at a general level, but also in adapting to specific scales. Understanding how these levels of detail can vary by dimension is key to model accuracy.
  • Data Connection vs. Full Integration: The Key to Continuity
    Explore how data connection not only optimizes efficiency, but also provides an avenue for integrating information into unmodeled elements. Discover how innovative solutions such as URBIM enable the association of information to specific elements, providing continuity beyond the construction site.
  • Strategic Geopositioning: Expanding Model Frontiers
    Learn how to geoposition elements at different scales, enabling effective model expansion. This lays the foundation for sustainable and scalable growth, transcending the physical boundaries of the site.
  • Building a Smart Building Future: Beyond the Construction Site
    We conclude by exploring how these practices not only transform construction today, but also open the door to a future where building intelligence extends beyond the construction site, thanks to advanced solutions like URBIM.

Get ready to master not only best practices for BIM models, but also how to take 3D construction into new frontiers of information and continuity! ??️✨

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