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Facility Management

URBIM's Maintenance Module streamlines operations: manage incidents by role, centralize FM and inventory, ensure incident traceability, and handle assets outside BIM. Optimize maintenance effortlessly.


URBIM Inventory: Manage spaces/contents, create custom subcategories, manage element lifecycle, control stock, track incidents, and access room books/product sheets— all exportable for easy reporting.

Docs Management

URBIM Doc Management: Share asset documents, centralize document manager links, images of spaces/objects, and create incidences linked to visuals/documentation for streamlined asset oversight.

Data Analytics

URBIM Data Analytics: Seamlessly integrates with leading analytics tools for comprehensive analysis by account, type, location, and company. Offers project-specific insights on incidents, elements, response times, and adapts dynamically to selected criteria for in-depth data exploration

Sensor Analysis

URBIM Sensors: Centralize GeoJson data for precise monitoring, create alerts for immediate action, analyze global data for comprehensive insights, and generate triggers to enhance installation responsiveness.

Smart Parking

URBIM Smart Parking: Enables creation and real-time monitoring of parking spaces, integrates with Facility Management for incident generation, connects to occupancy sensors for accurate tracking, and links with reservation apps for seamless parking management.