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Facility management module

  • Incident generation and management according to roles
  • Centralized incident and FM inventory management
  • Incident traceability
  • Creation and management of assets not included in the BIM model

Inventory module

  • Space and content management
  • Generation of custom subcategories
  • Register/unsubscribe elements for Management
  • Incident generation
  • Room book and product sheets. Exportable
  • Stock control

Parking Module

  • Manages parking spaces by company
  • Optimizes underutilized spaces
  • Real-time occupancy analytics
  • Incident generation
  • Parking space reservations

Emergency Module

  • Managing emergencies in a global environment
  • Analyzes/communicates evacuation routes
  • Registers users who are potentially involved
  • Automates alerts to emergency services
  • Generation of alerts + warnings to tenants

Data analysis

  • Data analytics by type of asset, location and company
  • Alert generation
  • Filters and rules for information analysis
  • Predictive and preventive data modeling

Sensor Analysis Module

  • Monitors sensors and data in real time
  • Centralizes individual GeoJson data
  • Creates alerts
  • Analyzes situations in a global data environment
  • Generates triggers on the installation