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Buildings management platform

Building management involves a clear coexistence of information sources on the one hand and users on the other.
The use of the building’s own information (materials, guarantees, compositions, revisions…) will lead to a more efficient and secure management.
All the users that are part of these must be able to participate and consume, from managers, property managers, service providers, tenants or owners.

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Problem and Solution

The problem

“Too much asset information in too many different hands means that information is lost or it is not clear which is valid.”

How can we help by integrating information into an asset?

The importance lies in integrating information and all users (managers, tenants, service providers, etc.).
By generating a 3D consumer environment, we facilitate the understanding of the information in an agile, precise and fun way.
Reforms, breakdowns, rentals, consumption, KPIs… you can find everything in the digital model of your asset.
Create your virtual communities.


Reduction in operating and maintenance cost


Improvements in the sustainability metrics


Improved quality of information


Facility management

Incident generation and management according to roles
Centralized incident and FM inventory management
Incident traceability
Creation and management of assets not included in the BIM model


Space and content management
Generation of custom subcategories
Register/unsubscribe elements for Management. Stock control
Incident traceability
Room book and product sheets. Exportable

Document Management

Sharing of general asset documents
Centralization of links to document managers
Centralization of images of spaces and objects
Creation of incidences associated with images and documentation

Data Analytics

Integration with off-the-shelf data analytics solutions
Analysis by account on a global basis. By type, location, company, etc. of all activities.
Analysis by project. Incidents, number of elements, response time…
Dynamic behavior of the analysis tables according to the selected fields

Smart Parking

Creation and monitoring of parking spaces
Generation of incidents associated with the Facility Management module.
Connection/monitoring of parking spaces with occupancy sensors
Connection to parking space reservation applications


Centralizes individual GeoJson data
Creates alerts
Analyzes situations in a global data environment
Generates triggers on the installation