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There is a lot of talk nowadays about digital twins, BIM, metaverse, virtual reality, and more affluent technologies that influence our daily ecosystem more every day. Although these technologies goes through a different scale of transition, we take for granted that for their evolution, these technologies converge for the fulfillment of purposes or for their development.

That is why Urbim, as a digital platform is intrinsically integrating technologies, assets, public and internal information, software, tools and multidisciplinary teams that need to work on the same project, either managing, designing, or structuring it.

When using Urbim, the asset or project not only integrates into the platform but it becomes scalable through its evolution. We implement certain functionalities from each technology for the growth and balanced development within the same ecosystem. However, it is essential to mention that this “scalability” goes hand in hand with the consistency and life cycle in any project or asset.

Finally, Urbim supplies each of the specific needs required and prioritizes the information determined within its data lake, where each element is part of a whole.